What is a Bible Church?

The term "Bible church" may seem a bit ambiguous. After all, doesn't every church use the Bible?  This should be the case, but some churches have come to adopt the name “Bible Church.” A Bible church is a church which bases its beliefs and practices upon the authority of the Bible and nothing else.


Ecclesiastical Independence

A Bible church does not belong to a denomination or other ecclesiastical body. Sycamore Bible Church is an autonomous, self-governing church which embraces and believes the Bible.


Historic Christian Doctrine

Generally, Bible churches have held to the historic doctrines of the Christian church. We hold to the divine inspiration of the Scriptures, the deity of Christ, the importance of personal faith and repentance, and the imminent return of Jesus.


Expository Preaching

Bible churches have also emphasized expository preaching. Expository preaching allows the meaning of the biblical text to shape the content of preaching. It allows the Bible to “speak for itself.” Expository preaching is often characterized by verse-by-verse preaching through books of the Bible. We are concerned primarily with one question: “what does the Bible say?” At Sycamore Bible Church you can expect to find preaching and teaching that comes straight from the Bible and remains true to the biblical text


Biblical counseling

Since the Bible is accepted as the sole and final authority for life and practice, Sycamore Bible Church is committed to distinctively biblical counseling. We believe that the Bible is able to completely equip the saints for every good work. The Bible properly identifies the needs of the human heart and offers real and transformative solutions.


In short, a Bible church is a church which is fully committed to the inspired and inerrant Word of God. The Bible is placed above every man-made creed, human idea, or created philosophy. The Bible alone provides all that we need.